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Videos of Kira the Serval

Life with Kira via the video camera ;) She's a special girl, as many of you will now see!!!

Video 1: 2.96 MB

Kira Poing: Two year old female showing all of us how she can sharpen her claws on her human father ;) Poing is her key word to claw on her dad!

Video 2: 31.5 MB

Kira Eating: Kira decided at the age of 5 months she would no longer ingest "Wild Trax, Oasis, or any of the Chaparral" we had on hand. She also developed the (BAD) habit of eating out of human hands only ;( Now we must alter her diet on a daily basis to cover all her needs. Chicken legs, chicken hearts, and gizzards, beef, fish, are always alternated daily, Iams dry is what she likes to sneak and eat in the weeeee hours of the morning ;) The calcium is via Caltrate 600mg which is more quickly absorbed, no matter what you've heard. We've dealt with babies suffering hypocalcaemia many times in rescue, and this type of treatment is introduced into the bones more quickly than anything you can imagine (Tums also for emergency). Kira's blood tests showed excellent levels on all points during her 1 1/2 year checkup! All this from a spray on Taurine and fatty acid based booster anyone get, and added calcium. We just times the dosage by 5 ;) Actually she is a prime example of a real African Serval, from her solid black nose, to her extremely long limbs, she is a beauty for all to behold..all this in a 28 lb package of instant trouble ;)

Video 3: 23.1 MB

Kira Fetching: Servals and Cheetahs, the preferred friend of all ancient Kings and Queens of Egypt past. Cheetahs were easily trained to kill and retrieve small antelope during a royal hunt, and the Serval was prized for it's skill at guarding the grainery while it's master was away. Neither is related to the other, although they compliment each other quite nicely. Cheetahs are told to have cursed the Serval for being allowed to lay in the masters bed upon returning from hunting trips ;)

Video 4: 8.7 MB

Her favorite toy is her dad's bathrobe belt! Stealing it on her 2 or 3rd day with us, has lasted over 2 years. This video shows the true energy of a Serval and how amazing her leaping ability is! Crazy Serval! One of only 7 pinball machines ever made is still her favorite place to play ;) Cassandra likes it like that ;) FYI we collect Elvira memorabilia ;)

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