Proposals for Urbanisation within Andujar lynx area


The Ayuntamiento de Andujar (Andujar local Government) is proposing to alter the classification of a key 1000 ha area within and adjacent to one of only two surviving Iberian Lynx breeding areas. The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered big cat species in the world, and there are only about 100 surviving mature individuals. The Andujar population contains about 80 of these individuals, including 21 of the 26 known breeding females.


The urbanisation proposal threatens the largest and most important Iberian Lynx population, centred around the Sierra de Andujar Natural Park in Northern Andalusia, Spain. The 1000 ha area is currently classified as protected and not for urbanisation. Part of this area is used for lynx feeding and breeding, and thus the area should, by European law, be included in Natura 2000 areas, and re-classified for greater protection. Instead, the Ayuntamiento de Andujar is proposing to reduce to protection of this area.



The urbanisation proposals will threaten the survival of the Iberian Lynx by:


  1. Threatening the largest and most important wild population; the smaller Doñana population being already too small and isolated to be viable in the long term.


  1. Increasing road traffic within the Andujar lynx area; road traffic being the single most important cause of non-natural mortality of this critically endangered species.


  1. Consuming valuable habitat; important for the survival and expansion of this most important Iberian Lynx population.


  1. Impeding communcation of lynx and other species between adjacent protected areas.



A map, showing the location of the area to be re-classified for urbanisation, can be found below. The proposals will combine legalising currently illegal dwellings in this area (which should never have been built and which should now be removed), with encouraging further construction, mainly of second and holiday homes.


If you would like to contact the Ayuntamiento de Andujar with your concerns and comments regarding the proposed urbanisation, please direct correspondences to:




Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Andújar

Plaza de España, 1

23740 – ANDÚJAR


Telephone: 00 34 953 508 200





Iberian Lynx



Guzman et al (2002) “Lynx distribution in Andujar-Cardeña”.






Sierra de Andujar Natural Park


Natura 2000 areas


Other classified nature areas


Area proposed to be re-classified for Urbanisation (approx. 1000ha)


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to Puertollano



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