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Information on small wild and exotic felines as pets. Brief overviews appear below; Click on the name of a species to find more detailed information and articles by expert owners and breeders.


pet bobcat Bobcat
A 12-25 pound bobtailed cat native to North America. Bobcats are often considered as pets because of their small, managable size and familiar appearance. However, a propensity for spraying can make the adult bobcat an outdoor-only pet. See detailed information....

pet caracal Caracal
A 20-40 pound cat with spectacular tufted ears, caracals look like small lynx with cougar coloring. They are popular as pets, although not as common as the serval, and are comparable in size and care requirements. See detailed information....

pet cougar Cougar / Mountain Lion / Puma
The largest "small cat," cougars range from 75-250 pounds. They can be very affectionate, and although their size and strength should not be underestimated, they are more suitable pets than other large cats like tigers. Petting a cougar and hearing him purr in response is an unforgettable experience....just don't let the attraction blind you to the realities of owning a powerful predator who eats pounds of meat daily and needs a large enclosure to roam in. See detailed information....

pet Geoffroy's cat Geoffroy's Cat
This diminutive South American cat is the size of a domestic cat or smaller, with a striking spotted coat. This highly energetic little cat is fairly rare in captivity, and is not maintained in AZA zoos. Private breeders maintain the only viable captive populations. See detailed information....

pet jungle cat Jungle Cat
The jungle cat often used in creating hybrids known as chausies, but full-blooded jungle cats can also be kept as pets. They are only slightly larger than a domestic cat and breed readily in captivity.See detailed information....

pet lynxLynx
Resembling a large bobcat, the many subspecies of lynx can be found across the world. See detailed information....

pet serval Serval (Popular as pets)
A 20-40 pound spotted cat native to Africa, the serval resembles a miniature cheetah. Intelligent and affectionate, servals are the species most often found in pet homes and reccommended as a "beginner's" exotic cat. They tend to adapt well to life with humans. See detailed information....

pet african wild cat African Wild Cat

pet african golden cat African Golden Cat

pet andean mountain cat Andean Mountain Cat

pet chinese desert catChinese Desert Cat

pet european wild catEuropean Wildcat

pet fishing catFishing Cat

pet kodkod catKodkod

pet oncilla catOncilla

pet pallas catPallas Cat

pet pampas catPampas Cat

pet rusty-spotted catRusty-Spotted Cat

pet sand cat Sand Cat (Pakastani subspecies endangered)

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