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Cali of Small Godz Chausies

F1 Savannah. Photo courtesy of Ginni Sevilen. Chausie;Shalimar of Wildkatz Cattery

F6 bengal; photo courtesy of Michelle King,

Red F1 Savannah. Photo courtesy of Ginni Sevilen.

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There are a variety of exotic feline hybrids (the result of mating a domestic cat to an exotic cat) available. The three main breeds are the chausie, savannah, and safari. The chausie is the result of a mating between a jungle cat and a domestic cat. Savannahs are a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat. Safaris are a Geoffroy's cat/domestic cat hybrid.

Hybrids can be perfect for people who are fascinated by exotic cats such as servals and want their wild look without the difficulties and permit requirements that often accompany exotic feline ownership. However, there are some states where the ownership of hybrids is restricted or prohibited, so make sure you check your local laws. Breeders typically try to create hybrids that look as much as possible like their wild ancestors while having a temperament closer to that of a domestic cat.

The bengal is an exotic-looking domestic cat breed which originated from mating Asian Leopard Cats with domestic cats. However, it is possible to obtain early-generation bengals (F1-F6) that would be considered hybrids. There have been occasional temperament problems reported in early-generation bengals.

There are some additional, even rarer hybrids out there that I have been unable to locate information about. If you are a breeder or owner and would like to send me some information on your hybrids, I will gladly include it on this page.

Hybrids tend to be difficult to breed, rare, and therefore very expensive; you will pay much more for a hybrid than a full-blooded exotic cat. There have been cases of unethical hybrid breeders selling full-blooded exotics as hybrids because they fetch much higher prices. Once you have some familiarity with the species, though, it's pretty easy to tell a hybrid from a full-blooded exotic. The careful buyer should learn what the full-blooded exotic looks like, learn what a hybrid looks like, then visit the breeder to see the parents and hopefully the kittens. Let your own eyes tell you what you are buying.

Unlike full-blooded exotics, there is quite a bit of information on hybrids available online, so rather that attempt to duplicate the efforts of others, I will simply present some informaion you might not find elsewhere and provide some useful links for further study. Keep in mind that many aspects of hybrids and their breeding are subject to heated controversy. Maintain an open mind, but don't take everything you read or hear as gospel.

If you want a detailed overview of the various hybrids and some factors in hybrid breeding, you can visit this site:

Exotic Hybrid Photo Gallery View photos of hybrids submitted by owners and breeders. View Photos....

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Savannah Breed Profile Savannnah owner Ginni Sevilen shares her experiences with F1 and F2 Savannahs. Read Article....

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The Grow Your Own Savannah Manual This manual on raising and training Savannahs is available from Camelottaspots. More info....


The chausie is an exotic cat hybrid, the result of mating a jungle cat to a domestic cat. They breed relatively easily and are the least expensive exotic hybrid; however they are also less "wild" looking.

Chausie Breeders Listing of breeders who may have chausie kittens for sale.


There is a rather fierce controvercy regarding the existance of bobcat hybrids. Many people say that it is impossible for a domestic cat to successfully produce kittens with a domestic cat; while some breeders say their stock is part bobcat. Most of the cats represented as bobcat hybrids are said to contain 25% or less bobcat blood, at which point it becomes difficult to verify the parentage with any accuracy.

You can't prove a negative, so it's impossible to say that bobcat hybrids do not exist. However, they have never been proven TO exist either. If they are around, there are suspiciously few of them compared with how many offspring they have supposedly produced. Two breeds that are said to contain bobcat blood are the Desert Lynx and the Pixie-Bob. Most people agree that the Pixie-Bob is a purely domestic breed with only rumored bobcat heritage. However, the Desert Lynx is represented as a true bobcat hybrid.

The article Bobcat Hybrids and Look-Alikes by Paul Woods explores this subject and the various breeds in much greater detail.

One source for information on the Desert Lynx is the International Desert Lynx Cat Association.

Cali of Small Godz Chausies

Shalimar of Wildkatz Cattery

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