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We support responsible private ownership. Banning exotic pets doesn't help them; it kills them!

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Information on the endangered small wild and exotic felines can be found here. Accounts of captive animals and their behavior are included wherever possible. In most cases it is impractical to consider owning an endangered species as a "pet" due to legal and ethical issues. Brief overviews appear below; Click on the name of a species to find more detailed information and articles by expert owners and breeders.


pet asian leopard cat Asian Leopard Cat

pet bay catBay Cat (Although not on the endangered species list, this is one of the rarest of all cats.)

pet black footed cat Black-Footed Cat

pet flat-headed cat Flat-headed Cat

iberian lynx Iberian Lynx
The Iberian Lynx is the world's most critically endangered feline, with under 200 cats remaining. We provide infomation about what needs to be done to save them from extinction and how you can help. See detailed information....

pet irimote cat Irimote Cat

pet jaguarundi Jaguarundi

pet marbled cat Marbled Cat

pet margay Margay

pet ocelot Ocelot
This small, endangered South American cat boasts a spectacular velvety coat and a macho personality. Ocelots were popular pets until the Endangered Species Act made ownership a legal nightmare. See detailed information....

pet golden cat Temminck's Golden Cat

Authors are needed to help complete this section! If you are knowledgable about any of these cats, please consider contributing an article.