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We support responsible private ownership. Banning exotic pets doesn't help them; it kills them!

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Information on large wild and exotic felines as companion animals. Brief overviews appear below; Click on the name of a species to find more detailed information and articles by expert owners and breeders.


pet cheetah Cheetah
These endangered African cats are the fastest mammal in the world. They tame easily and form close bonds with "their" humans, but they are not available as pets due to strict permit requirements and difficulty breeding. See detailed information....

pet clouded leopard Clouded Leopard
The smallest member of the "big cat" family, clouded leopards have long canine teeth reminiscent of a sabre-toothed cat. Since they are both rare and endangered, they are rarely kept strictly as pets, although there are some private breeding programs.

pet cougar Cougar / Mountain Lion / Puma
Though technically a "small cat," cougars range from 75-250 pounds. They can be very affectionate, and although their size and strength should not be underestimated, they are more suitable pets than other large cats like tigers. Petting a cougar and hearing him purr in response is an unforgettable experience....just don't let the attraction blind you to the realities of owning a powerful predator who eats pounds of meat daily and needs a large enclosure to roam in. See detailed information....

pet jaguar Jaguar

pet leopard Leopard (Only one population endangered, others listed as threatened)

pet lion Lion

pet snow leopard Snow Leopard

pet tiger Tiger
Rare in the wild but common in captivity, these magnificent cats require no description. The charismatic tiger attracts many, but the challenges, hazards, and regulatory complications of owning a tiger may make you reconsider. See detailed information....

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