Asian Leopard Cat enclosure design

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Asian Leopard Cat Enclosure

Construction Materials: Greenhouse frame, netting

Size: 1600 square feet


I spent 3 months asking breeders and visiting zoos before figuring out how I could do something big and nice enough at a reasonable cost.

The enclosure is built with the structure of an agricultural greenhouse. It is closed at one of its end and has a big sliding door at the other, so we can do some gardening inside and bring large objects inside. I am trying to figure out the best way to built a double door, that we do not really need for the moment : we just wait that ella goes at the other end before entering the enclosure . Nonetheless it is far better to have a double door...

The covering is made of plastified thin steel mesh,wire diameter 1.1mm (about 0.04 inches), circulars holes 25mm (about 1inch ). The netting is adapted to cats weighting no more than 30 pounds. we use it only for ella's containment although all the cats go inside occasionally to play with her.

The pool takes about 30 gallons and can easily be emptied so every 2 or 3 days I just change the water. I knew from the beginning that asian leopard cats love to pee and poo in the water, so I chose a pool not to big.

Outside view of the enclosure.

Another outside view of the enclosure shows the door.

Inside the enclosure.

Ella enjoys her swimming pool.

Another shot of Ella in her swimming pool.

Platforms within the enclosure.

Platforms in use; photo also shows netting used for containment.

Climbing ramp.

Rock den, view 1.

Rock den, view 2.

Rock den, view 3.

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