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All About Wild and Exotic Cats as Pets: Detailed Information and Resources

What cat lover hasnít looked into the eyes of a wild cat at a zoo or in a photograph and secretly wondered how different these creatures really are at heart from our domestic companions? Who hasnít fantasized about reaching out and petting one, and hearing it purr in response? For some people, that dream is a reality. Living with a tame wild cat is an amazing experience which verifies what many have felt deep down; these animals can be every bit as loving and affectionate as a domestic house cat.

pet serval in snow

My serval Sirocco

This dream come true brings with it some very real challenges and responsibilities far beyond those facing the average pet owner. This guide will explain those challenges and help you decide if life with one of these amazing cats is right for you. In any case, you will come away with an insight into what itís really like to know and love a serval or other wild feline.

Here you will find information on many areas: laws and ethical issues surrounding the ownership of exotic felines, care, behavior and training, and species-specific information. Additional areas include the First Stop for Future Owners and photo galleries. New information is added frequently; check back for updates.

One of my goals with this site is to dispel some of the negative myths surrounding exotic animals and their owners. Thanks to widespread misconceptions fostered by extreme animal rights activists and sensational news bites, some people have been led to believe that private ownership is bad or somehow harmful. While completely false, these misconceptions have allowed animal rights groups to push through bills in some states forbidding private ownership of these animals. This trend has forced many feline owners to become political lobbyists, fighting to save their pets from being outlawed and killed.

Your interest in exotic cats is sure to raise questions and lead to a desire to meet people involved with these wonderful creatures. That's why I created the Wild and Exotic Feline Discussion Forum. It's free and has areas to discuss everything from tigers to Savannnahs, from diet to enclosures. Feel free to join, browse, and ask questions.

This is also the home of the Exotic Feline Vet Directory, listing vets who treat exotic cats across the country. If you know of a good veterinarian who treats exotic cats, please take the time to add him or her to the list by filling out this simple form.

I live with Sirocco, a male African Serval. He is ďThe Sweetest Wildcat.Ē This little spotted creature has stolen my heart, and his affectionate head butts and loud purr inform me beyond a shadow of a doubt that my love is returned many times over. I canít help but stare at this beautiful animal that I would feel privileged just to be able to touch and marvel at the fact that heís curled up at my side, or racing in from his outdoor play area to greet me. There is nothing like the intense bonds that form between humans and these tame wild cats.

When I was researching servals, I had many questions about them and their behavior. Ironically, the only real information some sites have is "Find out all you can about servals before making the decision to get one." This site is here to fill that void, not only for servals but for the other species of exotic cats as well.

Write About Wild and Exotic Cats!

We need articles on all aspects of exotic felines; the different species, care, temperament, housing, legal issues....and the list goes on. I also welcome quality photos of exotic cats. By writing for ExoticCatz.com you can play an important role in informing the public about the responsible ownership of exotic pets. And since authors get to choose how their article credits read, your cattery/facility/whatever will reap the benefits of exposure on a well-regarded, high-traffic website....think of it as free advertising! Click here to add an article or photo.

You remain responsible.. Forever...
For what you have tamed.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Logo Photo Credits

Thanks to everone who provided photos of their special cats for the ExoticCatz.com logos: Ivy the cougar, owned by Sue Arnold of Arnold's Exotics ~ Sand Cat, owned by Tiffany Weisenberg of SublimeSpots Savannahs ~ Bobcat, owned by Lynn Culver of NOAH Conservation Center(photo by Tom Roper) ~ Sandra with Shasta the tiger, Wildkatz Cattery ~ White tiger, lioness, and leopard owned by Robin Franke ~ Little Chief the ocelot at the Playa D'Oro Reserve, photo by Grace Lush of Bundas Cattery ~ And I must mention Sirocco, my own beloved serval. ~ All copyrights reserved by the original photographers.


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A public thank-you

Thank you to all the Oregon legislators who opposed HB 3437 and all of you who took the time to write your legislators in opposition on this FAILED ban bill!

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